Deluxe Gold Pedicure

Deluxe Gold Pedicure

Deluxe Gold Pedicure $40

we applied 4 steps products

Pampering your feet with a state-of-the-art luxurious foot spa. Bathe your feet in essential minerals to improve your overall skin wellness Your toe nails are then trimmed, filed, shaped buffed, and cuticles are cleaned. A sea salt scrub mixed with coconut oil follows this to exfoliate dead skin cells to reveal smooth and soft skin Your legs are then massaged with a moisturizing body butter to keep your legs smooth and soft this is followed by a warm towel wrap to help you relax even further. Afterwards, you are massaged again but with hot stones to increase your circulation. This luxurious pedicure is topped off with a polish application of your choice


OUR Nail Salon Air Quality Is Important to clients our salon very perfect install the best ventilation to protect clients and Nail technician because health is very important. Protecting clients and any in nail salon from harmful dust and odors should be thought of as a three tier approach. Nail technicians clients should be concerned with the breathing zone, the salon space and the building. The easiest and most efficient way to prevent vapors and dust from getting into the nail salon air is to supply each nail station with a Nail Source Capture System. Our Nail Source Capture System protects the breathing area around the nail technician and the client

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