Pedicure And Manicure With Shellac French

Pedicure And Manicure With Shellac French $94

Our nails may not be our sexiest feature, but trust us, they get noticed! They take a daily beating and with some old-fashioned TLC as a Basic Manicure & Pedicure without massage, our salon can bring your nails back to sexy, supple and perfect looking appearance. The service which is suitable for busy clients will not include massage, but still has the best treatment for your hands and feet. Nails will be trimmed and filed to the length and shape you want. We tend carefully to the cuticles, moisturizing and trimming if needed. The service will be completed with the nail polish of your choice, giving your nails a chic and elegant look.

Description Welcome to our salon, below are the steps to your professional manicure and pedicure: Step 1: Remove your old finger and toe nail polish Step 2: Soak hands for 2 to 3 minutes, and feet for 5 minutes Step 3: Shape the nails Step 4: Soften the cuticles Step 5: Remove the cuticles Step 6: Buff off calluses Step 7: Trim and/or file down toenails Step 8: Dig around under toenails and on the sides of toenails with an orange stick or other narrow pointed tool to get all the lint and other gunk out Step 9: Buff of toenails Step 10: Exfoliate of feet and calves with a grainy scrub, then rinsing them clean Step 11:Apply lotion With Basic massage and Hot Stone make Circulations then finish the process  Step 12: Apply Hot Oil for Moisturize circulation Step 13: Apply base coat and polish color of your choice and then finish the process Thank you for choosing our services!

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