Waxing Half Arms

Waxing Half Arms

Half Arms

$30 & up

Hairy half arms has always been a weird sight to the ladies and not many are not really feel comfortable or confident with it. The best solution? Wax it. Wax won’t cause irritation, itch or even left scratch like shavings. Moreover, it leaves behind a beauty skin with smooth texture for others to admire.

Description Waxing is much better than shaving because it is fast, convenient and even painless if performed by a skilled technician. Furthermore, the result produce better skin texture and smoothness that is unmatched by shaving. Half arms can be waxed much faster and without an itch when compared to the other body parts. The process starts from the elbow and ends at the shoulder, hence the half arm area. Before the process, you should notify the technician on any form of allergic since the waxing may cause minor allergic in some case. Our Half Arm Waxing shall include 5 steps: Step 1: Wash your half arms with warm water to loosen the pores, making it easier for hair removal. Also, waxing is better done on clean, fresh skin. Step 2: Apply wax onto the waxing area, then using a strip cloth to press down the wax and secure it. Step 3: After around 10 seconds, pull the cloth off. Step 4: Repeat this process until the whole area is free of hair. Step 5: Your arms will be rinsed with cool water to close pores and remove any wax left over.

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