Waxing Under Arms

Waxing Under Arms

Under Arms

$25 & up

The hair under your arm can be very noticeable even when they are short, particularly if you have darker hair growing in that area. This means regular treatment and maintenance of the area is needed. Waxing helps increasing the time needed between each treatment session.

Description Quick, convenient and at times fun to do. The waxing process is simple and easy to perform. Before the process, you should notify the technician on any form of allergic since the wax may cause minor allergic in some case. The main steps of the process are: Step 1: Preparing the underarm area Before waxing, the underarm area is need to be properly prepared. The first step is to exfoliate the area and ensure any moisture is removed. Then apply cleaner to the waxed area. Step 2: Waxing your underarm Once the armpit has been prepared, we apply hot wax onto the area, then the wax strips. The wax is applied in the direction of hair grown and then a wax strip applied. Small areas of your underarm will also be waxed for best results and some parts may need to be waxed more than once due to the direction of hair growth in the armpit. The wax strips are quickly pulled off and this process is continued until all hair has been removed. Step 3: After waxing care and maintenance The after care of waxing is just as important as the treatment itself as we all have different skin types and people may be more sensitive to the treatment, which resulting in redness of skin. Soothing cream or Aloe Vera is applied after the treatment to ease the immediate pain. Tweezers may be used to remove any stray hair left over.

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